Pacific Northwest Quarterly Meeting (PNQM)

Radical Faithfulness in the Face of Crisis

April 24-26, 2020

Lazy F Camp, Ellensburg, WA

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2019 Pacific Northwest Quarterly Meeting


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A nationwide / worldwide vigil being held on Friday, July 12, 2019 in support of all the immigrants currently being help in captivity.
You can find out all about the event here:
We will be joining other Friends’ meetings in unity for an hour long vigil consisting of an hour of silent worship beginning at 8:30 pm, with the candle lighting at mid worship at 9:00pm followed by a second half hour of continued worship and prayer as outlined in the link


Pacific County Immigrant Support

July – August 2019

Rapid Response Network & Deportation Defense Training


Rapid Response NetworkSIGN UP HERE

Thursday, July 11        5-7 PM

Wednesday, July 24    5-7 PM

Tuesday, August 6      5-7 PM

Deportation DefenseSIGN UP HERE

Tuesday, July 9           6-8 PM

Thursday, July 25        5-7 PM

Monday, August 5       5-7 PM

Thursday, August 22   6-8 PM

For over a year, Pacific County Immigrant Support (PCIS) has made a huge impact in support for our Spanish speaking neighbors in Pacific County and in Washington StateThis “movement” is right on the brink of rolling out state wide as the model for how to:

  • How to deal with illegal detainment
  • How to deal legally with I.C.E should they show up on your doorstep, or on the doorstep of someone you know.

Please take the time to look this over and see if it might appeal to your sense of what Spirit would have you do. The training is free. It’s fairly local (Naselle) and it’s coming up pretty soon.

Rapid Response Network and Deportation Defense Training, July 20, Naselle

Pacific County Immigrant Support (PCIS) is pleased to announce that staff from the Washington Immigrant Solidarity Network (WAISN) will be coming to Pacific County on July 20 for training for a Rapid Response Network and for Deportation Defense.  The training will be about 6 hours and will take place in Naselle. I am still waiting to get confirmation on the times.  PCIS will be providing lunch.  In order to make this network successful, we will need help from many of you!!!  We need to know how many will be able to attend so that we can have enough materials and food available.  Please let me know if you can attend.

If you cannot attend training on July 20, there will be opportunities to join webinar trainings in July and August.



Anna Fritz and David Waingarten

Sat, February 9 @ 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Sou’wester Lodge
3728 J Pl
Washington 98644
 (360) 642-2542
Anna Fritz and David Waingarten @ Sou'wester Lodge

Anna Fritz is a cello-wielding activist folksinger based in Portland, Oregon. She creates a musical alchemy of cello and voice, strumming the cello like a guitar and playing beautiful melodies with the bow as she sings. Her songs boldly dig into themes of colonization, climate change, racial justice, gender, spirituality, and connection to the natural world.

Like the great folksingers of previous generations, Anna is a catalyst for people to sing together. Her songs are infectious and easy to learn, imbued with a sense of timelessness as if they’ve been sung for generations. Her disarming, gentle nature and powerful presence gets unlikely crowds of people singing together from town halls to night clubs. A founding member of Portland Cello Project, Anna has released three albums of original songs and can also be heard on albums from My Morning Jacket, Band of Horses, The Decemberists, case/lang/veirs, and First Aid Kit. Her most recent project as composer and cellist for a modern retelling of The Iliad toured prisons, shelters, schools, and theaters across Oregon.

David plays music to keep himself company. He digs records that sound like they were recorded in bedrooms and basements, and is inspired by the raw intimacy and honesty of Paul Simon, Elliot Smith, Blaze Foley and Gillian Welch. His songs are about healing, living in your car, longing to be found, gratitude, riding subways, finding silence, and stumbling along your path.

SAVE THE DATEAnnual Session of North Pacific Yearly Meeting

                                        JULY 17-21 Linfield College, McMinnville, Oregon

We are so delighted to have Jay O’Hara as our Friend in Residence. He will strive to deepen our faith, a transformational faith that connects us closer to God’s purpose for us in these challenging times.

As we continue to strive for greater inclusivity know that Abundant Financing will again be offered.  We want everyone’s gifts at the table.  Our community needs each of us.  We strive to be more inviting and welcoming to all.  We have worked to embrace all of our gender and sexual identities.  We are in process of making our community warm and welcoming to all people of color.  We can only find wholeness and holiness with God when all of God’s children are embraced with equality.  Come and help us meet this challenge.

Another reminder that Friends of Color are invited to a retreat with Vanessa Julye the first weekend of April.  Please be in touch if you do not have her registration form.  Our Yearly Meeting has made a commitment that we will help anyone needing financial assistance to go.

As I just stated, we are again engaged in Abundant Financing and need both meetings, worship groups and individuals that are so moved and able to contribute to this Annual Session Fund.  Send checks to our Treasurer indicating that the money is for Abundant Financing.

We who are involved in the planning could still use more hands.  Come join us!  It is such a beautiful way to strengthen our faith as we work together.

Seeking a Spirit Led Way,

Lucretia Humphrey, Presiding Clerk


Rally to Keep Families Together
 Saturday, June 30
   11 am – 12:30 pm  
16th and Marine Drive, Astoria 
 on the wide sidewalk on the north side of Marine Drive

Guidelines for the Rally
1. Follow the instructions from our Safety Monitors, who will be wearing neon vests.
2. Stay on the sidewalk, not in the street.
3. Do not block pedestrians or vehicles.
4. Be respectful to all passersby, even those who disagree with our rally.
5. Do not engage with hecklers.



North Pacific Yearly Meeting

of the Religious Society of Friends (QUAKERS)

Call to Annual Session 2018

Wednesday July 25—Sunday July 29, 2018

University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, Washington

Register Here for Annual Session

Uprooting Racism

We come together for this year’s Annual Session in a spirit of inclusion and celebration. With much racial justice work still to be done in our hearts, our Quaker community, our country, and the world, we will reach together for that higher place where, when we turn round right, we will truly stand by our brothers and sisters of any color, of any gender expression, and of any financial ability. In deepened connections to each other, we hope more often to find the holiness of wholeness.

To lead, educate and encourage us in this journey toward racial equality and a more truly liberated society, we are pleased to welcome Vanessa Julye as our Friend in Residence. Vanessa comes to us from Friends General Conference where she has a ministry on racism with special focus on greater inclusivity among the Quaker community, which is her spiritual home. Together with Donna McDaniel, a European American, Vanessa has co-authored the book, Fit for Freedom, But Not for Friendship. Vanessa will be accompanied by Chuck Esser, a European American, who serves on the support committee for Vanessa’s ministry and who also has done much work for racial justice. How can we as Quakers go further in standing with all people of color and in sharing the power that has been part of white privilege? Only with love, great humility, and openness to Spirit can we find our way to deepened brotherhood and sisterhood, both within the Society of Friends and in society at large.

Our method of financing Annual Session has changed. Abundant Financing is an opportunity for us to practice our faith. In these troubled times, our Yearly Meeting wants to reach out to and include all who wish to attend. In the past we have offered financial aid at the Monthly Meeting level for those who requested it. This cumbersome and awkward process often discouraged people wishing to attend. This year’s registration form will show the cost borne by NPYM for the attendance of one adult at AS. Each person attending must discern individually what they can afford to pay. We hope that those who have greater personal financial resources will pay even more than the cost of attendance in the form of a donation and that monthly meetings will likewise donate an amount at least comparable to that provided in the past for AS financial assistance. The registration form provides further details. With New England Yearly Meeting as our example, we look forward to seeing what a spirit of generosity and abundance can do.

Annual Session is a coming together time. Here children find their peers and celebrate what it means to live in this world. There is time for play, for friendship, for questioning and for worship. Junior Friends have a full agenda and have often engaged with the wider meeting in thought provoking ways. We look forward to that continuing.

At our plenaries we will approve our annual budget and the nominations of Friends to carry on the important work of NPYM. As has happened in the past, information will be sent out ahead of time so that we arrive well prepared to act. Close to our hearts are issues of racial justice and preventing war with North Korea. As we approach meeting for worship with an attention to business, many of us are excited to see how Spirit moves among us. Indeed, this can be the heart of Annual Session.

Music, small worship groups, varied interest groups, Quaker Fair, catching up with F(f)riends, and laughing at Community Night, these wonderful encounters call us into beloved community, ready to do our part in God’s world. Come join us this year as we open to ever greater diversity as God’s children. We hope to see you at the Annual Session of the North Pacific Yearly Meeting, July 25-29, at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington.

Click here to reach the Annual Session web site.

Lucretia Humphrey, Presiding Clerk