Beginning Sunday  July 3 , 2016

 Lower Columbia Worship Group will move to: 

Ilwaco Community Center

158 First Avenue North

Ilwaco, Washington

Meeting Time will remain 3 pm

The Lower Columbia Worship Group is an un-programmed meeting of the Religious Society of Friends. Our small, but growing worship group began in the 2008. We meet for silent worship Sundays at 3:00 pm at the Ilwaco Community Center in Ilwaco, Washington.  

We invite all. We are a member of The Community of Welcoming Congregations. If Quaker meeting is new to you, know that you are welcome to gather with us and share the Spirit that is accessible to all.

We typically come from Christian backgrounds, but we also come to Quakerism from agnostic or non-theist perspectives. Others enrich our  worship with their knowledge of and commitment to other traditions, such as Jewish and Buddhist beliefs. Our mutual commitment is honoring our Quaker history of spiritual seeking and “right action”–behaving in a way that is consistent with our shared values of simplicity, equality, peace, integrity, community and stewardship.

In all things, both with one another and with the world, we seek to be guided by a spirit of compassion and love.

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