April 2019 Newsletter


Meeting at the Ilwaco Community Center, 158 First Avenue North, Ilwaco, Washington, at 3:00 pm every Sunday

  • Meeting Schedule
  • NPYM visitor Paul Christiansen on April 14th
  • Call to Annual Session
  • Minutes from January 20, 2019
  • Minutes from March 10, 2019
  • State of Society Report
  • Quaker Quote

Meeting Schedule

Sunday, April 7th:

Meeting for Worship at 11:00 am.

Sunday, April 14th:

Meeting for Worship at 11:00 am.

Followed by:  Paul Christiansen

Sunday, April 21st:

Meeting for Worship at 11:00 am.

Followed by Spiritual Story Telling

Sunday, April 28th:

Meeting for Worship at 11:00 am.

Followed by Al Hendrix speaking about the Quaker Men’s Retreat and traveling in the ministry in Alaska earlier in this month.

Paul Christiansen

Paul comes to us as part of the Yearly Meeting’s “Knitting Us Together” ministry.  His concern is finding a faithful way forward in the midst of climate chaos.  He provided a brief biography:  “Paul Christiansen is a lifelong (specifically 35 years long) Friend and member of Eastside Meeting in the Seattle area. He has served Eastside, NPYM, Young Adult Friends, and the Young Friends New Year’s Gathering in various roles. For the past several years he has been testing the leading which has grown into this ministry. In non-Quaker life he teaches high school history, tells stories, and is learning to play guitar.”

Julie Peyton, who has visited our worship group prior to this occasion, is the elder traveling with to Ilwaco in support of his ministry.

Call to 2019 Annual Session of North Pacific Yearly Meeting

                           JULY 17-21 Linfield College, McMinnville, Oregon

Annual Session is an occasion to gather with Friends from around the Pacific Northwest as well as from around the country.  For those of us in small meetings, it is an opportunity to deepen our faith experience in ways that may not be otherwise available to us.  Annual Session also serves to enlarge our social connection to the international community of Friends.  The Abundant Financing referred to in Lucretia Humphrey’s note means that those attending pay what they are able for the conference.  The intention is that will be no financial barrier to your attendance.

Following is an excerpt from her call to this Summer conference:

From Lucretia Humphrey, Presiding Clerk of North Pacific Yearly Meeting:

We are so delighted to have Jay O’Hara as our Friend in Residence. He will strive to deepen our faith, a transformational faith that connects us closer to God’s purpose for us in these challenging times.  As we continue to strive for greater inclusivity know that Abundant Financing will again be offered.  We want everyone’s gifts at the table.  Our community needs each of us.  We strive to be more inviting and welcoming to all.  We have worked to embrace all of our gender and sexual identities.  We are in process of making our community warm and welcoming to all people of color.  We can only find wholeness and holiness with God when all of God’s children are embraced with equality.  Come and help us meet this challenge.

Registration information can be found after April 1, at

Minutes of the Meeting for Worship for Business

January 20, 2019

Lower Columbia Worship Group gathered for a regular Meeting for Business on January 20, 2019 with Al Hendrix presiding as Clerk. Eleven attenders were present.

19-01-1: The minutes from our November 18, 2018, meeting were approved. No meeting for business was held in December.

19-01-2: Continuing our discussion of a theme for each month, Al will circulate a list of possible QuakerSpeak videos that could be used. Attenders are invited to lead a discussion based on a video of interest to them.

19-01-3: Copies of the 2018 edition of North Pacific Yearly Meeting’s Faith & Practice were given to those who missed an earlier distribution of the book.

19-01-4: Discussion continued about the possibility of sending a yearly donation to several Friends organizations. The amount suggested was $100. The following organizations were named: Friends Committee on National Legislation; Friends World Committee for Consultation; Quaker Voluntary Service. We approved making annual donations of $100 to each of these three Friends organizations.

19-01-5: By way of preparing to draft our State of Society report, Al will circulate to the worship group copies of our reports from 2016 and 2017. That will be followed by a called Meeting for Business in early February for a discussion reflecting upon the worship group’s spiritual condition. He will then draft a report for 2018 which will come before our regularly scheduled Meeting for Business in February for approval. We hope to forward the final report to Olympia Friends Meeting in March 2019.

19-01-6: Pat who curates our webpage and Facebook presence asked what do we want our public face to be? Neither the webpage or Facebook account could be typified as high traffic sites. The meeting schedule on the webpage is currently the most frequented destination. Insights are invited.

19-01-7: By way of opening a long-range discussion, we were asked to consider whether there are ways we might want the worship group to be different in the future.

Respectfully submitted,

Eugene Norcross-Renner

Recording Clerk

Minutes for the Called Meeting for Business

March 10, 2019

 Lower Columbia Worship Group gathered for a called Meeting for Business on March 10, 2019.  Eight attenders were present; Al Hendrix presiding as Clerk.

19-03-1:  The leading topic for our meeting was preparing our State of Society report for 2019.

Beginning with an early draft and following a wide ranging discussion we came to unity around a document that reflected the experience and condition of our worship group for the past year.  The March 2019 State of Society report was approved as edited during today’s meeting.

The Clerk will forward our State of Society Report to Olympia Friends Meeting and append it to our next newsletter.  The web keeper will also add it to our webpage.

19-03-2:  Our web keeper suggested changing the lighthouse pictured on our webpage to that of the lighthouse closest to our meeting site.  We are comfortable with that change.

19-03-3:  The Treasurer circulated acknowledgement letters from four Friends organizations to which we recently sent donations:  Friends Committee on National Legislation, Friends World Committee for Consultation, Quaker Voluntary Service, Friendly Water for the World.

19-03-4:  The Clerk asked if we would be open to inviting Anna Fritz to bring her ministry to the worship group and Peninsula this Summer.   The possibility was warmly received.

19-03-5:  The Recording Clerk requested that minutes from our business meeting be circulated our monthly newsletter.  That would allow interested individuals time to review them ahead of upcoming business meetings.  The minutes from our January 20, 2019, meeting and the March 10, 2019 meeting recorded here would thus be included in the April newsletter.

19-03-6:  Concerns were raised about our practice of Afterthoughts.  A discussion following our Meeting for Worship on the fourth Sunday of this month, the 24th of March, was suggested.

19-03-7:  The Clerk closed the meeting with a period of silence.

Respectfully submitted,

Eugene Norcross-Renner

Recording Clerk

State of Society Report

Lower Columbia Worship Group

March 2019

A significant change for us this year has been coming under the care of Olympia Friends Meeting.  We have received a warm welcome from Olympia Friends and do enjoy frequent inter-visitation with them.

Our worship group is comprised of a wide spectrum of spiritual backgrounds.  Some of us are from Friends Churches and others have experience with unprogrammed Friends Meetings.  Also worshiping with us are seekers from Christian liturgical traditions, and some accustomed to meditative practices.

A handful of us faithfully attend meeting for worship.  Others attend occasionally and we do receive visitors in small numbers.  Three long time attenders left us this past year.  Several others have subsequently joined us in worship.  We are grateful for their  attendance.

Vocal ministry is not a living presence in our meetings for worship.  Rather, we have a season for general conversation following worship which on occasion becomes a deeply felt time for spiritual reflection.

There is a living presence which brings this group together.  We hope to share that more deeply as we begin an experiment in spiritual story telling in the present year.

Lower Columbia Worship Group continues to meet in Ilwaco, Washington.

Quaker Quote

A Supplication

I ask for daily bread, but not for wealth, lest I forget the poor.

I ask for strength, but not for power, lest I despise the meek.

I ask for wisdom, but not for learning, lest I scorn the simple.

I ask for a clean name, but not for fame, lest I contemn the lowly.

I ask for peace of mind, but not for idle hours, lest I fail to hearken to the call of duty.

Inez Niobe (1862-1933)  ‘Thoughts & Essays’ (1909)